How Do I Approve Orders?

Notes: You must have order approval privileges to complete this tutorial.

1. Log into your ITR Direct account.

2. From the ITR Direct Dashboard select “Orders Awaiting Approval” from the menu bar or you can access the order directly from the “Orders Awaiting Approval” block.

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3. From the “Orders Awaiting Approval” page you can choose to Approve or Reject orders by selecting the check box to the left of the order, selecting the “Approve” or “Reject” option and then clicking the “Approve/Reject” button.


If you would like to view more information about the order you may do so by selecting the the “View” option next to the order.

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4. From the Order Approval Page you can view key infromation about the order, deduct all or some of the order amount from the User’s personal budget, leave comments about the order for the User and Approve or Reject the order.

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